So You Want to Sell Your Stuff
Marketing Seminar
By Nick Cook

Why do you want to sell your stuff? And, just who do you think is going to buy this stuff you have been making?

Answer number one! You promised your spouse that the new lathe was going to pay for itself and he or she wants to know when.
Answer number two! All your friends have at least one of everything you have made and they just know your stuff would sell.

Packaging Yourself and Your Artwork

Selecting the Right Market

Getting Into Shows

Develop A Business Plan


Arts organizations
Schools & institutions
Show promoters
Designers & architects
Corporate collectors


Local newspapers
Trade publications
Regional publications
Radio & TV

Public Relations

Who, what when where and how – Use inverted triangle – most important information in the first paragraph followed by background or support (filler)
Include black & white photo – remember newspapers are people oriented – send photo of yourself working – not your work
Sent to local media, trade publications and arts organizations
Allow plenty of time – magazines are laid out up to four month prior to hitting the news stands – newspapers require 3 to 4 weeks

Pricing Your Work